Discussion: Why I Want To Read More Classics?

Image result for classics booksHello and Welcome to a Discussion Post! I haven’t done one of these in a while and I thought I’d kick it back off with one of the most used topics on booktube. Do I or Do I not want to read classics?

It’s, of course, a personal choice which is fantastic and there is no shame in wanting to read or not wanting to read classical literature. I am on the side of the fence where I would love to read more classics. I would adore being able to read Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and more classics that people hold in such high regard.

I’m going to be taking part in Victober, which is a month-long Readathon revolving around reading Victorian Literature. It’s hosted by LucyTheReader and I’m excited to dip my toe in as it would seem and read a few (if I can) classics. I’m not going to be cracking out War and Peace any time soon but I’m hoping to read Pride and Prejudice this month and maybe a few Bronte books next month.

I can understand why a person might not want to read classics, they’re hard, stodgy and might be slow to the action. The language might be difficult and the layout and punctuation might be different. I picked up a classic book once, flicked through and realised that it had no speech marks. That threw me off straight away because I didn’t understand it. Image result for classics books

A big part of wanting to read more classics has to do with me wanting to study English Language or Literature again. I started to study it at college when I was eighteen and now that I’m twenty-one. I’ve failed college and I’ve gotten myself some life lessons, I’m ready to hopefully go back and give myself the opportunity that I didn’t give myself when I was actually at college.

So what about you? Are you reading classics? Do you want to read Classics? Leave your opinion in the comments


Book Review: Solitaire – Alice Oseman

Paperback Cover for Solitaire

Title: Solitaire
Author: Alice Oseman
Publication Date: 31st July 2014
Publisher: Harper Collins
Series / Stand Alone: StandAlone
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Mystery
Pages: 392
The Format I read: Ebook and Audiobook

Two Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

In case you’re wondering, this is not a love story.

My name is Tori Spring. I like to sleep and I like to blog. Last year – before all that stuff with Charlie and before I had to face the harsh realities of A-Levels and university applications and the fact that one day I really will have to start talking to people – I had friends. Things were very different, I guess, but that’s all over now.

Now there’s Solitaire. And Michael Holden.

I don’t know what Solitaire are trying to do, and I don’t care about Michael Holden.

I really don’t.

This incredible debut novel by outstanding young author Alice Oseman is perfect for fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell and all unflinchingly honest writers

I first read Solitare in July as part of what was supposed to be the 7-7 readathon but what ended up being read-one-book-this-week readathon. There were points where I disliked it pretty strongly and I’ll explain them now.

Related image
Cover for HeartStopper 

Now before I tell you how much I disliked the main character, I’ll explain to you why I read this book in the first place and it can be summed up in one word. HEARTSTOPPER. I read the webcomic and I adored it. I thought it was so cute and so sweet and obviously, when I found out that it was a spin-off from Solitaire I thought: I have to read Solitaire. That is the story of how I came to be sitting on my bed reading Solitaire at 3pm on a Monday afternoon instead of getting some rest before work.

Solitaire is what’s supposed to be a prank/blog that wreaks havoc on this school and somehow it’s all centred around this one girl called Tori Spring. Who, in case you haven’t heard of her before, is the bitterest, moodiest person in fiction. She’s the most pessimistic person and probably the most annoying character in this book.

Image result for solitaire alice oseman
Alternative Cover for Solitaire

Tori’s relationship with her mother makes me want to strangle her, why is she so cruel to her mother? Does she think it cool? There was never really any history explained between them as to what might have happened and whether or not it maybe had something to do with the way that Charlie’s illness might have been approached but from the blind eye of someone just reading the book for the first time it didn’t really make any sense. Just made the character come across as a horrible person.

Image result for solitaire alice oseman
UK Paperback Cover for Solitaire 

Lucas is another character that just seems to get the brunt of Tori’s anger even though he’s nothing but nice to her. He was supposed to be her friend and she treats him like trash. Indeed, the only person in the entire book that Tori treats like an actual human being is her brother. Charlie has Anorexia and the one positive thing that I will say about this book is that it handles Charlie’s illness well and I really liked the way it was shown in the book. His family is supportive and Nick being supportive instead of people not understanding a mental illness which is what has become the norm.

Image result for solitaire alice oseman
My favourite cover for Solitaire

I forced myself to the end of this book because I refused to admit defeat but I wouldn’t have gotten to the end if it wasn’t for the audiobook because I certainly couldn’t have forced myself that far if I was just reading it.

I didn’t like the ending, it seems really abrupt and I didn’t really get any kind of a payoff. I’ve since read Radio Silence and I get the same vibe about Alice Oseman’s writing from both books and I’m just thinking that her writing isn’t for me. Her characters are too sarcastic and too brutal without reason for my liking. I don’t think I’ll be reading any others.

It’s Monday, What are you reading? (03/09/18)

Hello and Welcome to another instalment of It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? This week is the first week of Lost-A-Thon! And as such I have a set TBR to read from and I’m not really sure where to start if I’m honest. I know I’ve got to read six books a week to keep up and I’ve thought about it long and hard and I think I’m going to start off with:

The Magicians Nephew – CS Lewis

NARNIA…where the woods are thick and cold, where Talking Beasts are called to life…a new world where the adventure begins.

Digory and Polly meet and become friends one cold, wet summer in London. Their lives burst into adventure when Digory’s Uncle Andrew, who thinks he is a magician, sends them hurtling to…somewhere else. They find their way to Narnia, newborn from the Lion’s song, and encounter the evil sorceress Jadis before they finally return home

Image result for magicians nephew

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas 

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.

Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil’s name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr.

But what Starr does or does not say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

Image result for THe hate u give

Grace and the Fever – Zan Romanoff 

In middle school, everyone was a Fever Dream fan. Now, a few weeks after her high school graduation, Grace Thomas sometimes feels like the only one who never moved on. She can’t imagine what she’d do without the community of online fans that share her obsession. Or what her IRL friends would say if they ever found out about it.

Then, one summer night, the unthinkable happens: Grace meets her idol, Jes. What starts out as an elusive glimpse of Fever Dream’s world turns into an unlikely romance, and leads her to confront dark, complex truths about herself and the realities of stardom.

Image result for Grace and the fever

The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert! 

Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother have spent most of Alice’s life on the road, always a step ahead of the uncanny bad luck biting at their heels. But when Alice’s grandmother, the reclusive author of a cult-classic book of pitch-dark fairy tales, dies alone on her estate, the Hazel Wood, Alice learns how bad her luck can really get: her mother is stolen away―by a figure who claims to come from the Hinterland, the cruel supernatural world where her grandmother’s stories are set. Alice’s only lead is the message her mother left behind: “Stay away from the Hazel Wood.”

Alice has long steered clear of her grandmother’s cultish fans. But now she has no choice but to ally with classmate Ellery Finch, a Hinterland superfan who may have his own reasons for wanting to help her. To retrieve her mother, Alice must venture first to the Hazel Wood, then into the world where her grandmother’s tales began―and where she might find out how her own story went so wrong

Image result for the hazel wood

Heartless – Marissa Meyer! 

Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland, and a favorite of the unmarried King of Hearts, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, all she wants is to open a shop with her best friend. But according to her mother, such a goal is unthinkable for the young woman who could be the next queen.

Then Cath meets Jest, the handsome and mysterious court joker. For the first time, she feels the pull of true attraction. At the risk of offending the king and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into an intense, secret courtship. Cath is determined to define her own destiny and fall in love on her terms. But in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans.

In her first stand-alone teen novel, the New York Times-bestselling author dazzles us with a prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Image result for heartless

Renegades – Marissa Meyer 

Secret Identities. Extraordinary Powers. She wants vengeance. He wants justice.

The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies — humans with extraordinary abilities — who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone… except the villains they once overthrew.

Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a Renegade boy who believes in justice — and in Nova. But Nova’s allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them

Happy reading and stay tuned for reading updates!

Five times the movie and book were bad and Five times the movie and book were good.

Hello! And welcome to the second instalment in this mini-series! I’ve been excited to write about book to movie adaptations for a while and now I’m finally doing it. Here are five times that in my opinion the film and the book were bad and five times, in my opinion, the book and movie were good!

Five Times the Movie and the Book were Bad! 


Image result for fallen lauren kate
Paperback Cover for Fallen

Fallen – Lauren Kate, this series was everywhere when I was in high school so naturally I picked it up and I read it. I hated it. It was so cheesy and so cliche. The instalove was terrible and the storyline lacked anything concrete. The film came out in 2016 and it has an overall rating of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. That within itself should tell you how bad that film is but I am glutton for punishment so I watched the film. It was awful.


Image result for Twilight
Movie Tie-in Edition of Twilight

The entire Twilight series – Stephenie Meyer. I realise that lots of people love Twilight and that’s lovely but I was never really a fan of Twilight and this is my personal opinion. I’ve read the book, read the graphic novel and seen all the films. So I can honestly let you know that I hated Twilight. I hated all the characters and the film was no different. I guess you can’t make a good movie from a bad book.

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia. I read and watched this in

Related image
Paperback cover for Beautiful Creatures

January of 2018 and I can let you know it was the single most boring book I’ve ever read. I DNF’d at around 40%. The film was no better I was bored the entire time. I don’t know what it is about that book and movie but it could send me to sleep. I can’t even remember the storyline, somebody please tell me what happened because I can’t remember.

The Host

Image result for The Host
The Movie Tie-in Edition of The Host

Along the same lines as Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia. I tried to read this book. I don’t know what I was thinking because I hated all of Stephenie Meyer’s books but I tried and I hated that one too. It was too long and lacked so many things that I just couldn’t get through it. The film was the same. I just didn’t care.


Carrie – Stephen King. I found this book to be so

Image result for carrie
Movie Tie-in Edition of Carrie

underwhelming. Considering it’s only a 300-page book it took me two weeks to read because I kept getting lost and pulled from the story. I love Chloe Grace Moretz as an actress but even she couldn’t save that shit tip of a film.



Five Times the Movie and the Book were good! 

Love, Simon

Image result for love simon
Movie Cover for Love, Simon

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda is one of my favourite books and definitely my new favourite film. I’ve rewatched it so many times. I love it. Nick Robinson was amazing. He’s fantastic. I love it. It’s so inclusive and heart-warming, I adore the entire cast and their chemistry. Movie of the YEAR!

The Perks of Being a WallFlower

Image result for the perks of being a wallflower
Paperback Cover for The Perks of Being a WallFlower

I liked this film, Emma Watson is incredible. The book is a masterpiece. Is there anything else to say? Really? It’s a staple in YA fiction for a reason guys!

Image result for the hunger games
Paperback cover for THe Hunger Games

Hunger Games (1-4)

I think this one is fairly self-explanatory. Everyone and his dog loves the Hunger Games! It’s full of action and romance and breathtaking fight scenes. It’s got a crazy storyline that spans four movies and never lets you get bored.

Murder on The Orient Express

This is a recent-ish release. It came out in November 2017

Image result for murder on the orient express
Movie Tie-in Edition of Murder on The Orient Express

and I loved it. It was so good. I loved the storyline and the characters. I didn’t even care that Johnny Depp was cast in it. I love Johnny Depp’s acting. The movie was amazing and I highly recommend you check it out if you like heart-stopping murder mysteries! The book is written by Agatha Christie, the queen of mystery! Good book and movie all around.

Harry Potter (1-8)

Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stone
Paperback Cover for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

You know I couldn’t write a list about YA Book to Movie Adaptations and not include Harry Potter. I adore Harry Potter, I adore everything about Harry Potter from the cast of the movies to the way JK Rowling makes McGonagall the sassiest woman is all fact and fiction. It’s got a special place in my heart and if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book then I demand you go and do it immediately

There we have it!

What Book to Movie adaptations do you love/hate?

Book Review: Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

US Paperback Cover for Me Before You

Title: Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Publication Date: 30th July 2019
Publisher: Penguin
Series / Stand Alone: Book #1 in the Me Before You Series
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 369
The Format I read: Paperback

Three Stars

Louisa Clark is an ordinary young woman living an exceedingly ordinary life—steady boyfriend, close family—who has never been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for ex-Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair-bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge life—big deals, extreme sports, worldwide travel—and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he is.

Will is acerbic, moody, bossy—but Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves, and soon his happiness means more to her than she expected. When she learns that Will has shocking plans of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still worth living.

Image result for me before you
The Movie Adaptation poster for Me Before You


A love story for this generation, Me Before You brings to life two people who couldn’t have less in common—a heartbreakingly romantic novel that asks, What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart?



I read this book a few weeks ago and it’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts together enough to write a book review. That book ruined me. It was one of the most emotional and thought-provoking books that I’ve read in a while. The characters were some of the most well-rounded characters that I’ve ever come across and in all honesty, I haven’t known for a while what I was supposed to say about it.

Let’s start with the characters.

Louisa Clark is the character that I have the most amount of issues with. She’s sweet

Image result for me before you book
UK Paperback Cover for Me Before You

for the most part and as a carer myself I completely agree with some of the things that she says and found humour in the comical moments between her and Will.  So the parts that I had a few issues with. When you’re working in care you’re told not to get too involved in your client’s life, you’re told that you’re not even allowed to hug a client when they’re upset so the fact that she had a romantic relationship with her client is a huge unethical no no for me.
We’re also taught that you can’t pry into a client’s life and you certainly can’t attempt to stop someone doing something just because you wouldn’t do it, and what does she spend the majority of the book doing? Prying into this life and trying to change his mind. Just because he’s in a wheelchair and he’s classed as having a disability that doesn’t mean that he’s incapable of making a choice. Much like Nathan did, Lou or Clark should have respected his decisions and just made what was left of his life as enjoyable as possible without the ulterior motive of changing his mind about the assisted suicide, but I supposed as a qualified carer, my opinion of this book was a little different than the intended niche audience that the author had in mind.
I think it’s utterly ridiculous that Will’s mother hired Lou when she didn’t have any experience with a Quadriplegic. She literally says that the person who interviewed before had multiple years experience with people with the same disability and she chose a bright-eyed bushy-tailed young girl that didn’t have a clue? She nearly kills Will at one point in the book because she lacks the knowledge and experience that she would have needed for the job role. I understand that his mother was attempting to hire her to bring

Image result for me before you book
Australian Paperback Cover for Me Before You

some ‘joy’ in Will’s life but is that really worth risking your son’s life when you know that Nathan can’t be there the whole time? That came across as a stupid decision that a reasonable person wouldn’t make and as such took the realism out of what should have been gritty social realism.


Will Traynor.

See. I don’t have as much of an issue with. He was a solid well-rounded character. He did everything he was meant to. He was the arsehole that she changed to fit with the story arc of a romance novel. He was humorous to break up the social realism of what was happening around him and he was there at the end to deliver a heartbreaking ending that stays with you for weeks after you read it. He even has a heartbreaking backstory where he used to be able to do all of these amazing things and he used to have the perfect girl and you can see the frustrations that Will endures throughout the book. The most notable being when they get lost in the maze and all he wants is to hold Louisa’s hand and he can’t do it. I really felt for Will during that scene.
My issues with Will are few if I’m honest. I found the overall vibe that I got from Will to be that he was settling for Louisa because of his disability. Which made me feel like the book was trying to say that people with a disability have to settle and cannot find true love? I mean obviously Louisa and Will found true love together and that was heartwarming and beautiful. Until they went to the wedding and he openly admits that if he was still able-bodied then he’d never look at her twice. Which I found a bit cruel if I’m honest. Think about it all you want but did you really have to say it to her?
Regardless of my opinion of Will Traynor being a slight…. asshole. I was still upset when Image result for me before you book coverhe died. Of course, I was. I’m human. I went through that entire journey with Louisa and as much as I disagreed with the majority of her actions. I understood that she wasn’t thinking straight because she loved him and she wanted to save him. Which admirable as it is, you all know the saying about not being a hero.

Jojo Moyes is a fantastic author. She is. She made this book from such a controversial topic and I applaud her for it. The story really makes you think. You have to understand for yourself and make the choice for what side of the fence you sit on and I think that’s amazing. Considering the stigma that Assisted Suicide has, with it still being illegal in the majority of the world I think the world needed this kind of a story to make people think about it and understand the point of view of the person in the wheelchair. Understand how this person feels and make the choice as to whether or not you believe they should be able to make their own choices about their life when they believe that their quality of life is so low that they don’t want to be alive? Let me know what side of the fence you stand on. I’ve always been on the side of the fence that they should be able to make their own decisions. If they’re sound of mind and reasoning and they have the ability to make their own choices then they should be able to.

I highly recommend this book. Highly. It should be part of the assigned reading because everybody should be able to read this book and see Assisted Suicide from this point of view. The two sequels After You and Still Me are also out and available for purchase.

Book Tag: The Sick Book Tag

Hello and Welcome back to Tag Thursday! This week I’ve decided to do The Sick Book Tag. I found it here. I was looking for more Tags to do and I found this one. It looks like a good one for people to learn the kind of thing that I enjoy reading.

Let’s get into the questions:

Diabetes – A book too sweet, like really sweet.

Image result for ps i like you

Ps I Like You – Kasie West. This book was sugary sweet. I read the audiobook for this one. It was amazing. I thought it was so cute with the note at the end 😀

Chicken Pox – A book you’ve read once and will never pick up again

Image result for lola and the boy next door stephanie perkins

Lola and the boy next door – Stephanie Perkins. Not if I ever have the chance. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes. This was an awful book that put me in such a bad mood! Everyone else seems to love it and I’m like… what?!

Influenza – A contagious book that spreads like a virus

Image result for the hate u give

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas. This book is everywhere. Literally everywhere. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while. I’ve bought the paperback and it’s currently sitting on my shelf.

The cycle – a book you read every month, a year or often

Image result for city of bones

City of Bones – Cassandra Clare. I could have used the obvious and said Harry Potter but I reread The Mortal Instruments just as much. City of Bones was the first book that I started reading once I got back into reading and I will always be thankful for it.

Insomnia – A book that kept you up all night

Image result for everything everything

Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon. This book kept me awake all night trying to work out what was going to happen and what was going to happen with Ollie because nothing could happen to Ollie. He was too precious.

Amnesia – A book that’s forgotten and failed to leave a powerful impression on your memory

Image result for royals rachel hawkins

Royals – Rachel Hawkins, I read this book last month and can I remember what happened? Can I hell. Am I going to reread it? Absolutely.

Asthma – A book that took your breath away

Image result for the fault in our stars

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green. I loved this book. It was so cute and so sweet and I adored it and I’m definitely going to have to reread it.

Malnutrition – A book that lacked food for thought

Image result for the cruel prince

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black. I have also read this book before. I can’t remember for the life of me what happened in it though. But I don’t remember much happening. I don’t remember thinking much whilst reading it. Maybe I’ll reread it in the run up to The Wicked King.

Travel Sickness – A book that took you on a journey through time and space, 

Image result for miss peregrine home for peculiar children

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs. This was one of my favourite books for last year. It was insane. It was fantastic, It was a journey and a half and now I want to read it again.

And there it is! The Sick Book Tag. I can’t wait to read more books and do more tags. It’s the best part of my Thursday.

Five Movies that are Better than the book and Five Books that are better than the Movie

Hello! And Welcome to a Wednesday discussion post. I decided to do this post about the movie adaptations of YA books with the To All The Boys Before movie coming out on Netflix and the Everyday movie coming to cinema. So here are my top five times that the book was better than the movie adaptations and another five times that the movie adaptation was better than the book.


The Duff – FILM!

Image result for the duff
The Movie Cover for The Duff

I thought the movie was fantastic. I love Robbie Amell in this film and obviously, once I saw the movie and I found out that it was a book I was so excited to read it and I did eventually read it after I managed to get the book from eBay, but I was disappointed with the book, I gave it three stars but I wasn’t overly impressed with it because the storyline was completely different. Here’s my review if you want to know why

City of Bones – Book!

Now. As you’re fully aware. City of Bones is my favourite damned

Image result for City of bones
US Cover for City of Bones

book! 2013’s adaptation wasn’t the worst I’d ever seen but it wasn’t the best. Even the chemistry between Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins couldn’t save it. The book is far better and I beseech you all to read it. Here’s my sparkling review. 

Warm Bodies – Film!

Image result for warm bodies
Movie cover for Warm Bodies

I thought the film for this was amazing. I really enjoyed it when I first watched it and when I got the book for my birthday I was so happy that I’d finally get to read the book that inspired the movie but I wasn’t all that impressed if I’m honest. I found the book slow moving and boring for such a short book. Read my review to find out more.

Me Before You – Book!

Image result for me before you
Paperback cover for Me Before You

I asked my sister about this one because she had already read the book before we saw the film. The film was amazing. But they left out vital parts that needed to be in the movie which I didn’t enjoy.  The fact that fans were unable to connect to Lousia was completely due to the fact that much of her character development was missing from the film. Louisa is such a well-rounded character and the film fails to show the emotional side to her which would allow many fans to feel for her rather than Will.  I have since read the book and completely agree.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe –Film! 

Image result for the lion the witch and the wardrobe
The Movie cover for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

I loved the book and the movie for this one. I gave the book five stars. I really enjoyed it. But If I had the chance to go back and reread or watch the movie. Then I’d rather watch the movie. Sorry book. I loved the characters and I loved Aslan! I love the entire story and I would watch it continuously but the film had more cinematic moments and I enjoyed the little Otters.

The Fault in Our Stars – Book! 

Image result for the fault in our stars
The Paperback cover for The Fault in the Stars

I read this book in one day it was that good! I then had to go into the bathrooms at work so that no one saw me crying. That is a powerful book. The movie was pretty good. Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort were fantastic but the book packs a more powerful punch in my most humble opinion. I’ve seen the film and it didn’t come close to making me cry so on that alone I’m going to pick the book.

The Kissing Booth – Film! 

Image result for the kissing booth
Netflix cover for The Kissing Booth

Netflix has an original movie that is based on The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles. It’s a lot better than the book, the movie is cheesy and cliche and I loved it. Jacob Elordi is so damned attractive. It’s got a better feel than the book. If you want to read my review it’s here 

Vampire Academy – Book!

Image result for vampire academy book
The book cover for Vampire Academy

This is another that I asked my sister about because Vampire Acadamy is her City of Bones. She loves it and as much as she loves the movie, she will admit that the book is better. They missed too much from the film and it was mildly disappointing. Vampire Academy was sadly only made into one film but the love affair between Rose and Dimitri, the world that Richelle Mead created and the fact that it takes two books for them to kiss without the help of magic makes these books some of the best fiction ever written. Mead is an expert in creating tension and if this series was turned into a series of movies then it would never have been able to do the books justice. On a separate note, Zoey Deutch is a fantastic Rose and anyone who hasn’t seen the movie should put it on their bucket list.

Midnight Sun – Film! 

Image result for midnight sun
The Movie Cover for Midnight Sun

This one is a new release for me. I only watched it maybe a month ago and I enjoyed the movie! Bella Thorne is incredible but when my sister went to read the book, it was so childish and the writing was so basic that she couldn’t get past the first chapter. The film made me cry and even though it was a role that I found it hard to connect with since so much of her childhood was missing.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Book! 

The movie was utter garbage. I can not even tell you enough how

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children book
The Book Cover for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Children

much I loathed it. Why did they mould the two characters together? Why did they cut out bits of the story? Urgh, read the book! Just read the book! It’s so much better! Never watch the film! Read the books and you’ll understand the hype.

Which ones do you think were better? Let me know your opinions!!